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Echo Park Pics

old pic of lake then... a modern view today/ The locals

fountain and its palms/beautiful lotus bloom/the Lady of the Lake

this old lighthouse/island & bridge/lotus flowers

echopark's red bridge to the island/exp palms/the boathouse being worked on

exp boathouse-(new roof)/pioneer market/griffith park observatory


Elysian Park's Dodger Stadium, sculptured memorial at Angels Point & the Police Academy


britespot cafe - taix restaurant - and our neighbor landmark..the tallest building here

nayarit a hip new party joint - patras burgers - echo park ave & lake

sunset glendale bridge - our new library - a really old street name crossing sunset blvd.


Kday 1280 am radio - The towers - Top of North Avarado drops way down to the lower street


blue bottles - the new kid on the hill - and its valley view up from my block

famous fargo street...33% grade! yikes!! - a neighbor's 2 story add-on and its final look.


really good brakes & a strong engine & heart helps!

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The steepest streets in L.A. ! ( see Fargo st.)

glendale and alvarado at the bottom of north avarado - my little girl


Lakeshore hillside taken from my patio - a couple of views looking
down my little narrow street.
The L.A. river by Griffith Park

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